About Designer

Kozzachka by Anya Ko. is a fashion brand from Ukraine and was named after its designer’s school nickname and by coincidence, the word that is used to describe a strong-willed, brave Ukrainian woman.
Anya Kozak, a Ukrainian designer based in Ireland, founded the Kozzachka by Anya Ko. She looks to Ukrainian heritage, character elements and colors for inspiration, she uses fashion as an opportunity to express her solidarity and to spread Ukrainian culture outside Ukraine. Anya is using every opportunity to use fabrics and materials produced in Ukraine, high quality of each piece is guaranteed by the brand’s own production, based in Zhytomyr. Kozzachka by Anya Ko. garments are chosen by strong and smart women, who are proud of their national identity.

Anya lived abroad for the last 20 years with her husband and two children, experiencing  life in Russia, USA, Sweden and Ireland. But from the day she left for all those years, she dreamed of returning home to a different Ukraine, with a strong national identity and healthy society. In the chaotic days of Maidan in 2013, she saw the opportunity for Ukrainian society to change, and it was the decision making moment to come back to contribute to the establishment of a new Ukraine.
The designer has specialty degrees in tailoring and design from Moscow design school and Ukrainian college, as well as work experience in V.Yudashkyn fashion house. She continued her work in other fields of design abroad, such as interior design, graphic design, etc.
For more information please contact:
+380 0971490279 (Ukraine)
+353 851111696 (Ireland)
[email protected]
Or on Facebook: Kozzachka by Anya Ko.