White Embroidered Dress “Panyanka”


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Because we are big fans of Slow Fashion, we believe in handmade items that are made with care and love. Nothing proves it better than this long awaited ‘Panyanka’ dress.
It took about 24 hrs for our embroidery master Julie (the youngest member of our team!) to compile a technical map for embroidery, another 10 hours for smart machine to embroider, a few hours for pattern maker Оксана to cut it, about 8 hrs for Natali to assemble it and a wink for designer to compose it, but about a year to follow up on it! 😀
Easy-peasy-done! 😉
Embroidery art created from Vytynanka (paper cut-outs Ukrainian art) by Olha Shynkarenko
Available in M-L size. Other sizes come upon request.


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